Who we are

After many years of activity and professional increase in companies of international breath and put before to the development of innovative technologies applied to the industry, we have decided to propose our knowledge and experiences to a wider market.

In many companies a moment arrives in which unexpected opportunities or problems are anticipated in order to face which management available with specific experiences lacks inside. These are the typical circumstances in which the professionals' contribution with wide company experience can prove to be a profit.

We have matured a long experience in the sectors of the design, production, business management and of the activities of sale / assistance of products.

The activities carried out in the several fields Aeronautical, Mechanical, Automotive, Medical, Household-electric and Software, have afforded to acquire competences in the management of plans complexes and Team of job.

The management of the collaborators and of their motivations, it is other characteristics that widened our working experience in the decision-making sector, on European staircase, when there were assimilating ability of communication and of relation in the field marketing, fairs, articles, seminaries and publicity.

Not less prominent has been the application in productive environments, for the management of the production and of the quality assisted by specific systems in important productive factories of the sector pressing, expulsion, extrusion of plastic matters.

Our acquired professionality in the years, increases the competences to a team of professionals in a position to resolving all the difficulties that a plan can demand.

  • Fabio Riboni

    Experience matured in the management of reality international plants of industrial production.

  • Massimo Truffi

    Experience matured in the applicatory information sector CAD/CAM/CAE , systems M. E. S. for the harvesting it dates of production / process and qualitative in multinational companies environments.